Vidhi Mehta


Curious, enduring & empathetic

Hi, I am Vidhi. A curious, self driven designer fascinated by how people interact and use emerging technologies, I derive inspiration by observing and engaging with them. I enjoy working on concepts and services that include ethnographic research, strategy design and human centered design. 

In the past, I have worked at Dr. Reddys, Microsoft, Quicksand Studio, Agency of Design and Ducere Technologies.

Like much of the design clan, I am a visual thinker and depict my ideas best with doodles over words.

I have a Masters Innovation Design Engineering from Imperial College London and Royal College of Art (UK), 2015, and a Bachelors degree in Product Design from National Institute of Design (India) in 2012.

Aside from work, I like to travel (14 countries so far). I deeply care about equality and compassion towards animals. I enjoy gardening and am slowly turning my home into an urban jungle, one plant a time. My newest hobby project is building an origami animal farm.

I’m currently based in Bangalore, India.

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Conferences & Exhibitions

MAK Permanent Collection, Vienna, Austria (Exhibition, 2019)
Gwangju Design Biennale -“Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”: Design! The Future (Exhibition, 2017)
Beazley Design of the Year, Design Museum (Exhibition, 2016)
100% Design London, Design Festival (Conference, 2016)
Showrca 2015 and Imperial Show (Exhibition, 2015)
Dubai Global Grad Show (Exhibition, 2015)
10×10 Design Series, Dubai Design Festival (Conference, 2015)
Sustainrca, London Design Festival (Exhibition, 2015)
Countdown 2030, UCL (Conference, 2015)
Mozilla festival, London (Exhibition, 2015)



Schmidt Macarthur Fellow, 2013

Climate KIC - Master Label, 2013 
DAAD Scholarship, Germany, 2010
TATA Ford Foundation Scholarship, 2008



As a designer I have had the opportunity to work in different countries, cultures and with people of diverse backgrounds. This according to me is the strongest asset in my toolbox. For me ‘design’ is a tool in itself to create opportunities and solve problems. I believe that the best solutions should not be constrained by a medium, I like to work across disciplines. I like to synthesize and visualize compelling concepts and experiences into tangible forms. I am passionate about user-centered design and storytelling. My favourite projects are a result of amalgamation of research insights and innovative thinking.

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